My name is Ben Varghese. I'm a passionate maker, hacker, and lifelong student.

My Life

I'm an early adopter who builds motorcycles and rides anything with two wheels. I went to Purdue University and started a few ventures involving 3D printing and machine shops in my free time. All of this began on a horse farm in Kentucky where I cultivated my taste for unbridled knowledge.


My Career

I'm an innovation consultant for Cisco. I create use cases and prototypes for the Internet of Things (IoT), using fun technology acronyms like BLE, RFID, VR, AR, and more. I'm a firm believer in grounding innovation in reality, and my specialty is bringing big ideas to life. I'm happy to say that consulting for Fortune 100 companies and presenting to their boards of directors is my day-to-day.

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My Passions

To say that I have eclectic interests is an understatement. More info to come.